Today I am…

Today I am…

  • Writing a quick and dirty post in the style of The Non-Consumer Advocate.
  • Taking advantage of my son’s impromptu nap (he fell asleep randomly on the couch next to me while I scratched his head) and hoping that means he’ll still nap for his usual 3 hours (yes, I know how lucky I am!)
  • Feeling exhausted as I officially cross over from the easy 2nd trimester to the not so fun 3rd trimester.
  • Really excited to finalize our new umbrella policy. We have to move from Progressive (whom I’ve loved) to Pemco to do this, as well as increase our regular coverage, but the rates from Pemco are so good that the whole thing is costing us only about $500 a year to do – and that gives us $1M in umbrella protection as well as much better insurance coverage overall!
  • Setting my husband’s 401K contribution to max out having realized this week how stupid it is that we weren’t doing that already. I’m also going to research how to set up an Individual IRA for myself since I’m an independent contractor (looks like I can contribute $17,500 AND a 25% employer match?!) which will put our savings goals on track to FIRE in about 10 years I think. Expect a post with much more math soon.
  • Calling Fidelity to figure out how to get some of my investments set to automatically reinvest the dividends. I’m not sure if they can do this since I haven’t seen an option through my online account, but it’s definitely worth a phone call.
  • Hoping I can get my husband to go over our construction budget which has so far involved him telling me we can do this project for a certain amount with zero facts to back up his claims.
  • Looking forward to a not so frugal date night tomorrow. My mom is taking my son overnight, we’re staying in a fancy hotel downtown (at a discounted rate!) and treating ourselves to a restaurant I’ve wanted to try forever! Since I was too sick to eat on our anniversary, this will make up for it.

Elaborations on some of the things mentioned above to come!

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