When I first got the idea for this blog I was a twenty something single with a house, a mortgage, and a large car payment. I had just discovered my future husband’s credit issues, and became obsessed with fixing them. I learned everything there was to know about credit, and improved not only his score but my own score as well.

With my own already high score now even higher, I started to figure out how much money a great vs. a good vs. a bad credit score can save you. I started looking at all the ways I could save money, from refinancing to lower rates to finding credit cards with great rewards, and then I started realizing that we also grant “credit” in a way to our banking institutions by lending them our money. I realized we either did this for free, or “charged” the banks a higher rate by collecting interest, and I became obsessed with making my money work for me as much as possible.

It’s not surprising that this journey led me down the path of becoming more frugal, saving more, and planning more for our future. It was perfect timing in my life for all of these lessons, because soon we were engaged, married, and having a baby.

Credaholic is about our financial ups and downs, our constant journey, and a little mommy-blogging thrown in for good measure. Blogging here helps keep me focused on our financial path. Enjoy!

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