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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

When I first decided to start writing a blog, I was knee deep in all things credit – repairing credit, maximizing credit, obtaining credit and using it to my advantage. Naturally, Credaholic was born.

Since then a lot of life has happened. I’ve become a wife, and a landlord. My husband and I lived aboard a boat for a year. I fell in love with frugal living and saving, and we cut our living space in half. I replaced my luxury SUV with a Prius. I battled my husband, the Spendaholic, on (you guessed it) spending. I learned how to cook. I opened a Roth IRA. I got a green house. And most importantly, I became a mother.

For awhile I thought I needed to start another blog to keep the money and the mommy separate. But finally I realized I am the Credaholic, and that means the Credaholic is also a mom. So this is going to be a mommy blog, a personal finance blog, and it really wants to be an early retirement blog.

I’m a firm believer that credit doesn’t have to be evil. Using credit to your advantage can be one of the greatest tools for acquiring wealth and saving money, and I hope to show you how. But I’m not here with all the answers. I’m just here to tell you my story about how we live our lives, what works for us, what doesn’t, and what we’re doing about it.