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Dearest Baby Girl

To my future daughter,

I can’t believe I already get to type those words. It’s so strange this pregnancy already knowing your gender and getting to imagine you and what the future holds even before having you in my arms.

I must admit to being a little terrified of being a mom to a girl. This is mostly because I know what a nightmare I was, so don’t take offense. If you get even half of the stubborn and independent nature that I’ve clearly already passed on to your brother, along with your own feminine wiles, well…we’re in for an adventure!

If the start of the pregnancy is any indication, you will make your presence in our lives known. I couldn’t have been anymore sick during the first trimester. The pregnancy was so different from my first, that I was positive you were a girl. Of course, as soon as we moved into the cool and calm of the second trimester, I forgot about that storm, and convinced myself that I was destined to be the mother of boys. I knew I’d be perfectly happy raising two little brothers, but the one thing that weighed in the back of my mind was what comes after you’ve all been raised. I cherish my relationship with my mom so much, and I think a part of me would yearn for a daughter as I got older. But I don’t have to find out! Thank you for joining our little family.

On the other hand, if your ultrasound was any indication, you may be more of a quiet force. We had to do lots of poking and prodding to get you to wake up and wiggle into the right position to measure all your parts (100% healthy, once we were able to see them all!) and to take a peek at what you had going on between your legs. You were face down, burrowing deep inside of me, and all folded in on yourself, perfectly cozy. If that’s any indication, I’d say you’ll go beyond your due date. I have a funny feeling you won’t, though

I can’t say much about my funny feelings though! On top of betting your dad that you’d be a boy, I thought your brother was going to be a girl, and even had a dream while pregnant with him about holding a little girl and realizing she was mine. Now I think that dream may have just been looking even further into the future than I realized.

Like your brother, you are the most wanted child. There was nothing we wanted more than to have two siblings close together in age. I wanted it so badly, that I really worried and stressed about getting pregnant the second time around. Although it took an extra month to get you to stick around, you appeared in our lives almost as easily as your brother did, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled. We really are incredibly lucky, and I hope you feel that way too as a part of our family.

I probably don’t even need to tell you this, but your extended family COULD NOT BE HAPPIER to be adding in a little girl. You’d think that between your 4 aunts on your dad’s side there’d be enough estrogen already, but they wanted a girl so badly. It’s really why we found out your gender instead of waiting this time. I didn’t think I could put a certain auntie through the wait! She’s already shopping for you, I swear. Pink ruffles on the bum are your destiny.

Your dad says tool belts and Extra Tuff boots are in your future, even if they’re purple.

I definitely know a lot of love is headed your way. Your brother is already such a loving little guy, I can’t even imagine how sweet your dad will be holding a little lady in his arms, and your aunties, grandparents, great grandmothers, and even your uncles on both sides of the family are eagerly awaiting your arrival. No one more than me, though! I guess you can stay inside and cook a while longer, but when the time comes, I might just die of happiness to have you in my arms and have our family of four completed.

I love you,